Deep Dream Stuff

So apparently there’s like this thing called Deep Dream that adds a ton of eyes and other stuff on an image you upload which makes it look REALLY creepy. I used some images I had on my computer, here are some results!

dream_b53532802bI expected worse to be honest. At least my boyfriend doesn’t look like a complete monster.

i will never look at russia the same wayOh my god, Russia you look like a very old man and you have tons of eyes on your gun. That’s disturbing.


Those are some strange birds on that image I tell you….

So I sent some images of that to my boyfriend and he decided to test out what my face would look like. This is the result:


HAHA NO FACE FOR YOU, YOU GET BLACK SCRIBBLES. My face isn’t that skinny, I just positioned it in an angle to look better. 😛 I’m in my Ib cosplay, by the way. I have a third eye, and my hair on the right looks like an octopus. Amazing! (If you saw my face, I’d look like a total monster, huehuehue. But you’d still have a basic structure of what my face looks like, so I’m censoring that stuff out man. You won’t see my face in a million years!)

So yeah, just search up “Deep Dream” and you’ll probably end up finding the thing where you upload your image and it edits it. Have fun with your results, I’d suggest not uploading someone you think looks really good because they’re going to creep the heck out of you.


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