Updating This Blog

Hey everyone! Just letting you know that I’ve made some changes to the blog.

First off, I finally added categories! For you fellow stalkers, you can now easily navigate through my stuff such as my art, places I’ve been, and random facts about me, you can!

Second off, I added my boyfriend to the blog! He probably will only post once in a blue moon though, since he’s not interested in WordPress. He might introduce himself in the next eight hundred five thousand two hundred sixty one years! (Congratulations to those who can easily imagine word form numbers into digits!) So I changed the about me page into about us (all I added for him was his social media, but he’ll update it later.) And will probably change “My Ships” to “Our Ships” later on.

But still though, you’ll most likely just hear for me so in the end it’s still just a personal blog for me!

I feel like someone out there is thinking that we’ll breakup, and to be honest I don’t blame you! We never know what the future holds, but just saying that we’ve been pretty stable for at least two and a half years (WE’VE LOST COUNT LOL), so this isn’t some kind of “OH I DATED HIM FOR A DAY, HAPPY DAY ANNIVERSARY!” Let’s be honest, most people who celebrate a month, a week, or even a day are most likely going to break up.


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