Smartphone Hologram

I saw some videos on the internet about this hologram you can create with your smartphone. I decided to use some cheap transparent plastic that I found in the house instead of a CD case to see if it’d work. AND OH MY GOD, IT DID!

However, I didn’t really measure at all and just cut until I was satisfied with the shape, lol. One of the sides were supposed to be very small, but I only made it two centimeters (an inch for fellow Americans) smaller, so it didn’t work on my iphone, BUT IT WORKS ON MY IPAD JUST FINE! I can’t wait to surprise my family with this! Here are some results:



So yeah, it’s 100% legit and you don’t even need to use the CD plastic! Just has to be transparent, so it can reflect off the device. There are some videos on youtube if you want to learn how to make one!


14 thoughts on “Smartphone Hologram

      • It is! She did the butterfly one and she turned off the lights, turning off the lights really makes it stand out more if you turn up your brightness on the phone.

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      • It was morning when I took those pictures, so that’s why mine weren’t that bright. I will try to do that though at night!


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