Random Fact About Me

Did you know: I like yangire guys? Now you know.

For those who might be wondering, “what is a yangire?” It’s an anime term. Yangire comes from two words in Japanese, “yanderu” which means to be mentally sick, and “gire” meaning to snap, or to cut. So basically anyone who is just mentally insane and kills people! Or has those thoughts and tries to commit them. Usually yangires are first shown as innocent and nice, just like a yandere.

If you watch anime, you might be familiar with the term “yandere.” And let me tell you that yangire and yandere are two different things, but most people mix them up. People who mix it up irritate me, but I guess people just don’t know what they don’t know, but if you call someone a yandere when they’re yangire, you don’t know what a yandere is in the first place.

The difference between a yandere and a yangire is that one kills because they’re mentally in LOVE (yandere), the other kills because they’re just plain insane (yangire). Simple as that.

Now you might be wondering, “Anna why do you like those insane characters!?” First off I like the ones who are first shown as nice because it’s a great twist, second off I like their backstories which explains a lot, third off I feel genuinely bad for them because of their past. ;n; I don’t actually like them as a lover, or like them in real life. I mean, they’re just not as adorable looking as they are in anime!

I used to think that I liked yandere guys as well, but you see most of them are trash. Sure, it’s a twist, but majority of them don’t have a good enough backstory for me to feel any empathy towards them, and they’re also so possessive. I mean, they end up locking their lover in their house forever or something. Sometimes even rape, ew. Looking at you, white trash. That’s an abusive relationship. See, we need yandere guys who won’t HARM, TRAP, etc their lover and just kill anyone who is a threat to them. ❤ Which is why the only yandere guy I like is my OC, and that one guy in Screaming Lessons (manga), the boyfriend chapter. He was pretty cool. Too bad it’s a quick one shot!

Going off topic, I really want the creator of Yandere Simulator, yandere dev to add a male playable character option so I can play as my yandere OC. Too bad he won’t, and I plan on learning the unity engine JUST so I can make a mod JUST so I can play as a male.

Another random fact: I only watched Hetalia because I heard Russia was a yandere, and I was curious to why people said that. (I mean, a country can’t be mentally in love…) And no, Russia isn’t a yandere, but he is indeed a yangire. However,  his sister, Belarus is! However, I couldn’t care less about yandere females. They’re too mainstream.


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