Got School Uniforms Today

I guess this means one step closer to going to high school, huh? For all of you guys who probably don’t know unless you’re an ultra stalker, I’m going to be attending a Catholic high school in September. I’m not even Catholic though, hehehe. For all of my elementary and middle school life I’ve attended public schools, so this will be a huge change. The worst part is that LITERALLY EVERYONE IN MY CLASS besides MY FRIENDS are attending the same high school! (The reason for this is because the school I’m going to is the least ghetto high school in my city. Literally though, the schools in my city are really ghetto. Not going to lie. And y’know, all of those “popular” kids HAVE to go to a freaking nice school, huh?) I want a new fresh start, not seeing the same faces. Today I got my uniforms. To be honest, I don’t really like them… I don’t mind wearing uniforms, it’s just that THESE uniforms for the school I’m going to are pretty… Eh looking. I would post an image of them, but they have my school logo on it and I don’t want people knowing where I live. They were also EXPENSIVE!

I paid three hundred dollars and more for…

  • Three white polo shirts
  • Two white oxford shirts
  • A red sweater
  • Three gray pants
  • Gym shirt
  • Gym shorts
  • Gym sweatpants

That’s literally it. Yeah, imagine a white polo shirt with grey pants. That’s my uniform in a nutshell. With an added stupid school logo! Am I the only one who hates logos on shirts? I prefer them plain.

I seriously don’t wanna go to high school. I’m terrified, I probably won’t make friends, stressed out for the exams, trying to fit into scholarship requirements so I can go to university to study the medical field, etc etc.

I wish my family was rich so they could send me to a boarding school. I would have a lot more assistance since there would be smaller classrooms, teachers could also help me with homework when I need them after school, I’d have a higher chance of making friends since I’d literally live in the same place as them and I hear that they just naturally happen, the education is MUCH better which would help me in university, etc. Bleehh.

At least I’m not going to the high school I’m supposed to go to. That place is so ghetto they don’t have air conditioning. I can’t live without air conditioning, I get dizzy if it’s too hot. Not a safe living condition for Anna! A lot of people also smoke there and skip class as you can clearly see when you drive past the school, it’s ridiculous that the school does next to nothing about it.


18 thoughts on “Got School Uniforms Today

    • Wow to what? The price, the amount of people in my class who are going to the same school even though I want to shoo them away, or how ghetto the school I was supposed to go? Or maybe all of them.


  1. I got my uniform too before I travel
    At least u wear a shirt
    I wear a freaking uniform like a dress uniform
    Long dress and with a white shirt under
    I was in a good school before but I chose to move to this school cause the education is easier
    That school was heaven and it was awesome
    My parents paid 30k per year
    Even more
    Now the school is free
    So yeah
    Saving all that money made me a spoiled kid


    • That sucks. It would suck especially for me since I don’t like to wear dresses. Wow, your parents paid a lot! I’ve always been to a free school for my entire life. I wonder what a private school is like…

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      • I hate it cause I look like a girl from primary school(we used to wear dresses in my other school )
        So basically whenever I wear that uniform I feel like a 6th grader
        It’s actually much better than this free school
        Tons of activities and trips
        And there isn’t lots of ppl cause like u pay in it , it could reach to 24 girls per class that’s the max

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      • Yeah, that’s why I want to go to a boarding school, or at least a private school. Instead of having like 30-40 people in a class (I had 40 people in my class one time) if you have 20 it’s easier for the teacher’s life, and it’s easier for yours since the teacher will have more time to help you. The only field trips my middle school had was going to other high schools where they show off their programs to your face to convince you to go there, ugh.

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      • I am suffering now since I’m in a public school and everything sucks with no trips
        And like I said 30+ ppl in one class 😦
        Yeah it was easier for the teacher


      • It’s okay. I’m in a Catholic school where it’s essentially public as well for the most part. (With 30 people in a class, few school trips.) We can suffer together.

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  2. I was ABOUT to go to a boarding school, but I was like HELL NO. I don’t like to live somewhere else other than my home, since I can actually relax there. Two of my friends went to the boarding school though, and they had the cutest uniforms there! Like, the colours were white, red, and blue, and you could accessorize your uniform (just no chains on pants, ripped pants, etc.).
    I also have the same dislike for logos on clothes, They are so annoying. >.<

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    • Man, I’d wish to go to a boarding school though! I don’t easily get homesick, so there’s that. I wanna travel the entire world! White, red, and blue are excellent colours mixed together! The idea for boarding school isn’t for everyone though. I understand why you’d hate going there (in fact, everyone I know thinks I’m insane for wanting to go there.)

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