I Love Creepy Things But…

But I absolutely despise creepy pastas. They’re poorly written, not creative, and worst of all filled with a horrible fanbase filled with children who claim that they like creepy things or something. Of course this isn’t everyone, but for the most part it really is.

The worst part are people who think some creepy pasta characters are HOT. Like, they engage in romance roleplays where their crush is someone like Jeff the killer, or they write a reader x creepy pasta character fanfiction. Dude, these people are murders, insane AND you want to have a relationship with them!? (Oh wait, I love yangire and yandere males, I shouldn’t be speaking.) Seriously though, there’s nothing romantic about these creepy pasta characters, and stop writing those fanfictions or trying to draw them as hot characters! In fact, who cares if a boy is hot? Their personality is what matters most.

And you know what? These creepy pastas aren’t even SCARY. To be honest, I find them so stupid that I laugh while reading them. If you’re a creepy pasta fan, I challenge you to send me one that’d make me terrified instead of laughing. Good luck!

Random fact about your author of the day: I’m not terrified of creepy pastas, but I’m actually scared of ducks, penguins, swans, and any other bird that has spikes on their tongues. I also have a fear of silverfish. The more you know. I also get jumpscared easily, but after jumping in surprise I laugh. It’s hard to make me feel terrified for a long period of time.


14 thoughts on “I Love Creepy Things But…

    • When I saw his face I wasn’t even terrified. It’s actually just a girl’s face photoshopped white. xD I hate the noise the link made that people were sending, though.

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