Something That Just Happened

So today I looked at Humble Bundle to see what bundles they have. If you’ve ever heard of Humble Bundle, they basically take tons of games and put it in a bundle, and you can choose how much you’d like to pay for the bundle! The best part is that you can choose where your money goes towards, I usually like to spend all of my money towards charity, because I love to help a good cause. On with the story…

They have a Bandi Namco bundle, and I was interested in getting one of the games in the bundle, PAC-MAN Championship Edition (with the All You Can Eat DLC.) I asked my boyfriend if I should get it, and he said go for it since it was really fun for the twenty minutes he has played it for.

So I bought it and I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO PUT ALL MY MONEY TOWARDS CHARITY NOOOOOOO! Afterwords he asked if he could buy the bundle as well using our shared paypal account. I said go for it- but then I stopped him because I realised that we could share games in steam instead, since when you buy something in humble bundle they give you the steam keys. I then suggested on sharing games on our accounts so we could literally save a dollar on our paypal account. (I WORKED HARD ON THAT DOLLAR OKAY!?)

So if you guys know how steam works, in order to share games you need to log in the computer to share the games with the other users on that computer. So we told each other our usernames and passwords, and logged in. Now let me tell you, it feels weird to be on someone else’s account. Especially when they have tons of friends. My boyfriend often talks to his friends over steam, so I had this fear that someone would message me and I would have no idea what to say. (Especially since my boyfriend doesn’t want me talking to his friends for various reasons. they’re annoying and would irritate me with questions) So the whole way through I prayed that no one would message “him” (aka me at that time.)

Luckily for me no one did, except for my own account aka my boyfriend since he was using my account to do the same thing so he could have access to my games. Let me tell you, it’s weird to talk to your own account, seeing your own username on the chat screen and your own avatar. You’re given this small feeling of insanity. But at the same time, it was hilarious. I asked him for help, “how do I share games?” And then he told me, following up with, “YOU’RE NOT THE REAL JARED (that’s his name), HE WOULD KNOW WHAT TO DO!” I replied back with, “AND YOU’RE NOT THE REAL ANNA BECAUSE SHE’S AN IDIOT AND YOU’RE NOT!” We continued this crazy talk, I kept on addressing him as “Anna” while he called me “Jared.” It was such a entertaining ten minutes of my life.

So yeah in the end we shared games, and now I have access to his 200+ games with DLC, and he has access to my pidgeon dating simulator (Hatoful Boyfriend) and other games that I’ve paid twenty one cents for to make profits from card drops. Amazing. When I logged in back on my account, I found that he nicknamed himself “My love <3” on my account. Wonderful Jared. Just wonderful.

That’s really it. No idea why I had to make a long post about that simple event, but I had to. Jared will probably read this later and wonder why I made a post about this. Have a good day (or night) everyone! If you actually read all of this, thank you very much! (Comment down below actually, I’m pretty curious.)


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