Handwriting and Drawing Tag

I was tagged by mangos, so you know I have to do this tag. I’ve been drawing on my pen tablet constantly so I haven’t drawn in paper for a long while, so I just decided to make these really bad instead of actually trying, because that’d take too much time and in the end it’d look like poop anyways.

By the way, it’s pretty vulgar, so sorry about that. Teehee.



It’d be easier to write “My three active followers” in FantageRop but I’m talking about this blog specifically.

I’m sorry for my inappropriate language, but I had to do this. I had to. I also wanted to upload this earlier, but I was too lazy to take a photo and extract it on my computer, so this post is four hours late.

Random fact about me: If I’m really comfortable being around you, I’ll swear a lot. Other than that, I use other appropriate words as replacements. When I was younger and immature though, I swore a lot. So glad I got out of that terrible habit!


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