Thank you CutieCake4321!

Excuse my poor drawings and hand writing, my pen tablet wasn’t working correctly again today. And when it doesn’t work correctly the only thing that I can use is MSpaint… And don’t mind the really long arms, I meant to draw them really long and out of place, to enhance how weird this is.






Pfft, don’t listen to him CutieCake4321. He loves it with all of his heart.


And I didn’t force him to say all of that. He said it with his own will!

On a serious note, yesterday CutieCake4321 made a post about making signatures for people. I asked her to make a signature with the name ‘SuperiorSeth” which is what Seth’s username online would be if he existed. (He’s an OC.) She forgot that Seth was a guy’s name so it ended out being girly. I honestly don’t really mind, and it just makes it even more hilarious. I mean, my friends and I LOVE to place him in uncomfortable positions and torture him. Thank you so much CutieCake4321! You guys should check out her blog over here.




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