I just wanted to start this post to say thank you to those who have followed me recently. ❤

I was really bored so I sketched my boyfriend on MSpaint. MSpaint sucks and I have no idea why I used it.


You all should follow him on twitter, and subscribe to him on Youtube. Don’t forget to spam his inbox with comments!

Anyways, I’m a bit tired of drawing chibis because that’s all I’ve been drawing recently and it’s getting pretty tiring. And I still have to draw a lot more…


Oh Look Another Drawing


I’m not finished but I probably won’t finish. There are some spots where I should have coloured black and it’s bothering me now, ugh. This is supposed to be my avatar in Gaia Online except with blue eyes. And with no wings. And without my panda bow on my head. I think I did a pretty alright job. I haven’t drawn on a pen tablet in AGES though, I need to draw more.

By the way, if anyone wants to do an art trade I’m interested. If you want to pay for my art I’m interested too. (Although, I doubt anyone would want to pay for my art…)


Handwriting Tag

I really should be doing chores right now, haha. Amy made a handwriting tag and she tagged anyone who read her post, so I decided, “why not do it?”

My handwriting sucks by the way. Since I wrote it in pencil, it might be hard to read.


I’ll type it down here in case you can’t read it.

‘Why did you choose your URL?” No idea. :^)

“What’s your middle name?” I don’t have one, but my Chinese name is “Ping-ping.” (Well, you pronounce it like that.)

“Fictional Pet?” All of them!

“Favourite colour?” Sky Blue.

“What are you listening to?” White Flame. (A character song in Hetalia that’s all about loneliness and sadness that’s freaking seventeen minutes long)

“Why did you join wordpress?” Rop was hiring people, and I ended up getting the job.

“Top 5 followers?” I love all of my followers equally! ❤

Beside the little drawing I wrote “Russia <3”.

I tag my stuffed teddy bear to do this tag. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Obsessed With Making Cash in Gaia Online

I haven’t played Gaia Online in years. Gaia online is a virtual world with anime graphics. Today I was completely bored so I decided why not check my account?

First of all, I had tons of items I bought for around ten thousand gold, and now it’s worth over a million gold. I had around one million gold in my account.

Second, I came to discover that everything in the marketplace is MUCH more expensive nowadays. Everything in my wishlist is in the billion mark.

So now I’m trying to sell all of my items that I don’t want, and so far I’ve raised up to fifty million! This took me all day, haha. the amount though

If any of you guys want to add me on Gaia Online, my username is SuperSquirtle01. Click here if you want to stalk my profile!

Soon I will buy everything in my wishlist.