Gay Marriage Finally Legalized in America!

Took you guys long enough, Canada legalized it a decade ago. However, I am happy for all of those people now, they can finally be who they want to be! So in celebration, I made a really crappy edit of America (from Hetalia):



Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right? Feel free to use it if you’d like. Originally edited Russia to hold rainbow flowers, but my friend reminded me that Russia hates gays. And he’s right. So everyone should stop making yaoi ships with Russia.

In case you want to use it/see it, here it is:

gay flowers

I’ll end up using this if they legalized gay marriage in Russia. Which will be in like… A century.



I spend my time wisely.


Spent half an hour making this collage! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I mean, it’s a collage of Russia from Hetalia, so obviously it’s good.

Russia is scary, sad, and most importantly, cute!

Some Random Art

have a crappy drawing


I did such a poor job with this, haha. I plan on recolouring it soon, but using a different style. On another note, these are the best eyes I’ve ever drawn. (Even if it was meant to be a sketch.) Anyways, this is just a drawing of me in the winter! I wanted everything to be a shade of blue, but I completely forgot about that while drawing the snowman. Whoops!